Rudimental (Live)


As one of the UK’s most successful dance acts of the last decade Rudimental have set the bar high. Multiple chart entries, two #1 albums, three #1 singles, 5 Billion streams, 4 albums, world tours, platinum-selling singles plus a plethora of awards have cemented their position as trailblazers with a formidable reputation for producing hit records. It’s been 10 years since the band first broke through and, after taking a step back recently, they’re ushering in a fresh phase with renewed vigour and focus. Now signed to RoomTwo (a sub-division of Columbia Records), Rudimental have returned to their roots, tapping into the original energy that launched them into the limelight back in 2012. Primed for a spectacular return to the stage, and equipped with new material that evokes that authentic Rudimental feeling, the band are ready to let loose once again.

Reconnection is a theme that lies at the core of Rudimental’s new chapter. The band (Piers Aggett, Kesi Dryden and Leon “Locksmith” Rolle) have gone full circle with their new material, back to their drum’n’bass roots. The dynamism and energy inherent in the genre has been essential to the Rudimental sound from day one. Born ravers at heart, they have an innate ability to ignite festival stages and clubs around the world, and it’s this intrinsic spirit of the rave that has reemerged in their forthcoming singles. The boys have been getting busy in their beloved studio, finding joy in utilising the space as a club of sorts during the global shutdown.

Cuts like first single, ‘Break My Heart’, demonstrate this revival of Rudimental’s drum’n’bass heritage; a deep and dark bassline is juxtaposed with stirring vocals, an earworm hook and a classic DnB drum arrangement to produce a surefire anthem. With more new music on the way, and the excitement and energy generated by wiping the slate clean for a fresh start, Rudimental are firing on all cylinders and poised for an electrifying return to the stage. Coming out of a period of global crisis, the band are bubbling with anticipation at being able to perform to their fans all over the world. From Australia (their “second home”) to North America and Europe, there’s a hunger from both their loyal following, and the band themselves, to reignite that relationship. With rave culture deeply embedded in their lineage, their ethos is rooted in sparking that carefree feeling that comes from losing yourself in the music. It’s about community, friendship, unity and celebrating life together in a world still recovering from the trauma of a global pandemic. During the lockdowns, the band found solace in their east London studio. Their base for over 10 years, they describe it as a safe space where they can express themselves freely and feel at ease. “It looks like our bedroom and it feels like that,” says Piers. “It’s a special place and it’s nice to be able to leave your house to go and work somewhere that feels like home. I love that place, man, we’ve written so much great music there”. The studio has become a hub, where a constant flow of artists pass through, either recording with the boys or hiring it out for their own projects. As a result it’s always buzzing with creative energy, while also emanating a feeling of homeliness and comfort. “Whether you’re a footballer or lawyer or whatever, if you’re in a comfortable space you excel,” says Leon. “That’s what we get from our studio, and the artists who come and record with us express themselves freely when they’re there”. For Rudimental, this vibrant creative hub is home and Home, of course, is the name of their first double-platinum-selling album, which debuted at No.1 in the UK Albums chart when it was released in April 2013. It all comes back around…

Ultimately, through their new beginning, Rudimental are reconnecting with themselves. From their youth growing up in Hackney, exposed to the sounds of jungle , drum’n’bass, garage and more, through their elders and peers, to their formative years starting out and their emergence on the global circuit, it’s always been about the sound of London. As one of the world’s most diverse and influential epicentres for music and culture, their hometown is a goldmine of inspiration. The “London sound” is international, borderless, and resonates with people all over the world. By tapping back into their heritage, the band latch onto the most authentic aspect of their spirit. This is Rudimental returning home to themselves, to their fans and to the origins of their essence. After a sensational journey experiencing the highest of heights, they have the knowledge, experience and drive to continue their impeccable legacy. 10 years on, Rudimental still have the same energy at their core, galvanised by their success and reinvigorated by this new chapter, they are set for a storming return. The boys are Home and they’re inviting back to theirs…

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